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Modders have restored the original destination names to Crazy Taxi on Steam.

Sega’s wonderful 1999 arcade racing game first launched with prominent product placement, including destinations modelled after real-life brands such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Tower Records and FILA. Remember FILA? There was a time FILA trainers were all the rage. I remember.

The original arcade version of Crazy Taxi and its initial ports to Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube and PC included this product placement, but when it came to the 2010 release on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the 2011 release on Steam, the brands were replaced by fakes. Pesky video game re-licensing strikes again!

As spotted by PC Gamer, modders have restored the Steam version to its original form as part of what’s called Dreamcast Restoration 2.0. This is a joint effort between modders Silent and Alexvgz, and is available to download from Github.

That’s not all – Silent created another mod, dubbed SilentPatch, that fixes Crazy Taxi’s analogue controls (current mods available for this work well, but are unreliable), sorts out a crash that occurs when using a steering wheel, and enables the cheats that were activated in-game with the original Dreamcast version as well as the first PC port (camera modes and speedometer feature). Silent even replicated the classic hotkeys so old cheat pages and guides for the original PC version of Crazy Taxi are relevant for the Steam version.

It’s an impressive effort – now you can play Crazy Taxi on Steam like you’re playing Crazy Taxi on Dreamcast!