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San Francisco rookie quarterback Trey Lance threw for an outstanding 80-yard touchdown on his second preseason pass. But the rest of the game wasn’t quite as spectacular.

On Lance’s other 13 passes, he completed just four of them, for 48 yards and no touchdowns. He also struggled to avoid the pass rush and got sacked four times. 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledged afterward that Lance has plenty of work to do.

“There was some good and some bad. By no means was it perfect,” Shanahan said. “There were a couple of spots that you’d like him to go to different places. Sometimes, a couple of balls that sailed on him that I think he’d like to have back. But he also came out pretty good too, making the right plays, getting in the right spots. We had a couple of drops there especially on a third down that he could have kept the drive going if we had caught it. But it was a good first day. I didn’t want it to go perfect for him. I’d like some things that he could learn from. And there will be a lot of things that we can go over tomorrow.”

Jimmy Garoppolo started the game and went 3-for-3 for 26 yards. The 49ers drafted Lance to be their starting quarterback, but Shanahan indicated that Garoppolo hasn’t lost the starting job just yet.