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A pair of golfing pals were astonished when they both got a hole in one in succession, breaking 17 million to one odds.

48-year-old David Giles was playing in a duo against two colleagues when he scored a hole in one on the seventh tee.

After an excited celebration, the group of businessmen couldn’t believe it when his team mate, 51-year-old Chris Bunce, took the next shot and scored a hole in one using the same club.

David said, “I was over the moon with my hole in one and once we had calmed down, who would have ever thought another was about to follow!

“We had two witnesses who were playing with us and we were all just left speechless. There was plenty of laughing, swearing, and high fives all round. What a game!”

It was the first ever hole in one for David’s manager Chris, from Southend, Essex, who has only been playing golf for a year.

The super shot at The Oaks Golf Club in York was David’s second ever hole in one.

The pair each scored a hole in one after hitting the ball 146 yards from the tee on the seventh hole.

David’s co-worker Garry Marsh, who had been playing with the two men, added: “I’d never seen a hole in one in the flesh, so to speak, so to see two on the same hole on the same round was absolutely fantastic.”

“I also enjoyed the pint I was bought afterwards too!”