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Washington releases Lamar Miller

Lamar Miller‘s bid for a spot in the Washington backfield has come to an end. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Washington Football Team released Miller on Sunday morning.

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Detecting depression and partner violence risk during pregnancy

Carnegie Mellon University engineering and public policy researchers Kristen Allen, a Ph.D. student, and Alex Davis, an associate professor, have new research that could complement the ability of doctors to

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Petrol, Diesel Prices Unchanged Today for 25th Day. Check Fuel Rates

Wednesday marks the 25th day of fuel prices remaining steady across the country. The price of petrol in New Delhi is Rs 101.84 a litre while the price of diesel

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Humankind will launch straight into Xbox Game Pass on PC

Amplitude’s much-anticipated Humankind will launch into Xbox Game Pass on PC next week. The 4X strategy game will finally roll out next Tuesday, 17th August, after several delays. It had

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Man Spots His Dog on Television That Was Missing For 2 Years He Knew That Infamous Underbite

A man in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was watching television last week when the WITI news team showed a photo of a dog that was available for adoption. “Meet Mason,” the news

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